The “Voices from Rock Bottom” Project


“Voices from Rock Bottom” was founded by Danielle Bacigalupo on May 8th, 2018 in Staten Island, New York. Many thanks to Maker Park Radio – NYC for not only freely giving a “home” to VFRB, but for its continued support of the live-stream and its movement.

“Voices from Rock Bottom” is a community-based storytelling project via live-stream on alcoholism, addiction, and recovery activism that seeks to offer hope, diversity, and support to all community members. As a live storytelling series, VFRB is a safe space for members of the community to co-create dialogue and co-share stories. By sharing stories, VFRB hopes to pay it forward and civically engage with members in the community. 

This community digital storytelling project has expanded by leaps and bounds, reaching not only people in the Staten Island community, but it has reached a wide audience in other states in the U.S. while drawing in listeners from other countries like Ireland and China! In April of 2020, “Voices from Rock Bottom” became an official podcast via MakerParkRadio – NYC Productions!

Ultimately, the goal is to raise awareness about the disease of addiction through the power of storytelling while stretching the parameters of “the narrative”; your story matters.

To share your story, or for other inquiries, please contact Danielle/”Dr. Prof. B.” at

Instagram: @voicesfromrockbottom