VFRB Podcast

The “Voices from Rock Bottom” Podcast was officially launched in April of 2020! The VFRB Podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes – Apple Podcasts, Buzzsprout, iHeartRadio, Google Podcast, Stitcher Podcast, Podcast Addict, and Podchaser!!

Buzzsprout Link to VFRB Podcast

All VFRB episodes are first recorded live through the MakerParkRadio – NYC community live-stream radio station (Staten Island, New York), and are edited and finalized via MakerParkRadio Productions, specifically owner Kristin Wallace.

Podcast/Digital Storytelling Project Info.:
Founder: “Dr. Prof. B.”, Danielle Bacigalupo
Instagram: @drprofb, @voicesfromrockbottom
Twitter: @drprofb, @vfrbpodcast
E-mail: voicesfromrockbottom@gmail.com
Producer: MakerParkRadio – NYC
Instagram/Twitter: @makerparkradio
Kristin Wallace Instagram: @officialkriswallace
Tom Ferrie Instagram: @tomsfedup
Podcast Music/Art Info.
Music Artist: Christina Rubino Music
Instagram: @christinarubinomusic
Music Producer: Jerry Farley
Instagram: @thejerryfarley
Graphic Artist: Joe Gambino
Instagram: @_grambino_ AND @joemygoshdesigns

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