Substance Abuse Awareness Event at SJU – 4/8/19

Please come and support! This event is open to the entire community! Share forward! The Multicultural Student Organization of SJU is hosting a #substanceabuse #awareness event called "Too Smart To Start"! The purpose of this event is to raise awareness to the growing drug epidemic on Staten Island, as well as across the country. Where: St. John's University, … Continue reading Substance Abuse Awareness Event at SJU – 4/8/19

[Recovery] Music as a Social Text*

"The" Jerry Farley Record Producer, Audio Engineer, & Model Citizen. My buddy, Jerry, came to my ENG 1100c class today to talk about creating and storytelling through music. As a music producer, he believes that people need to keep telling stories about what actually happened in their lives in order to connect to others. Music will always be the … Continue reading [Recovery] Music as a Social Text*

Tackling Youth Substance Abuse Survey

Attn: educators, professionals, clinicians, physicians, caseworkers, community outreach coordinators, and +, please disseminate this voluntary and anonymous survey to students/persons 18-25 years of age who live/work/go to school in Staten Island! This is also open to anyone who is 18-25 years of age (you don't need 3rd party involvement)! TYSA Survey [The survey is being … Continue reading Tackling Youth Substance Abuse Survey