S3:E47 – Jordan Meyers

“The life you Life is more important

than the words you speak.” -mac Miller

Sobriety Date: 5/16/14

When Jordan was a kid, he was diagnosed with depression. Through the ebb and flow of medication treatment and therapy well into his adolescent and young adult years, he found an alternative coping solution: playing the drums.

That moment of self-discovery opened a world of doors and experience he could have never imagined. After years of experience play drums professionally and traveling the world, he realized that his untreated addiction would continue to lead him into darkness.

From the broken road to redemption, Jordan is now a power of example, helping the youth with addiction recovery activism. By sharing his story, he not only helps others find their voices, but he continues to heal his own.

S3:E47 – Jordan Meyers: Drummer, Sober Dad, Change Maker

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