S3:E43 – Lisa




“Lisa from Arizona”: sober academic, clean life-long learner, college drop-out



“I am 40 years old. My sober date is July 1, 2009 … I think (11 years ago).
Grew up in NJ.
Suggestion for recovery- write a list of your biggest dreams, things you think are ridiculous. Come back in 10 years and do it again.
Gratitude is how I survive. Gratitude is not, as I understand it, just looking at things through rosy glasses, pretending to be happy no matter what happens. It’s, as they say, being “right sized” and seeing things as they are- including myself- good and bad. But, as I’m clean and sober, I’m finding that even when things are terrible, I have perspective about where I am at now and where I could be- where others are. I don’t turn to positivity per say, many in recovery do that though. I turn to perspective, an acceptance of reality and an appreciation of my life. It simultaneously gives me hope, and allows me to see that things are still need work, so I am encouraged to help others. And it carries me through dark times, nothing that- there will be valleys- but that valleys eventually end.”
PART II of this interview is scheduled for Tuesday 8/18/20 from 2-4 PM EST.
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