S3:E41 – “Brooklyn Dawn”


Dawn Marie Gallagher, “Brooklyn Dawn”




In her own words . . . 

I will forever be forever grateful to the people in my life who didn’t give up on me.  For those who showed me unconditional love, when I didn’t love myself, I thank you For the mentors and spiritual angels who have guided me and taught me by example, I love you.
From “One Day Back Dawn” from Brooklyn, New York who couldn’t get sober again after a glass of champagne despite having nearly 7 years of abstinence prior to that to the women I am now, I am blessed.  God said “enough” and on January 14, 2007, I woke to the realization that I had to get sober now or die. My life has never been the same.  I am amazed, but more importantly, I am free. 
To awaken to the fact that alcohol was not the problem that I was the problem? That despite all my years in hospitality management, I was selfish and self-centered? And that my deepest, deepest desire not to drink was not good enough to keep me sober?   These revelations based on my truth set me on a path that has transformed my life.  I had to change. I was the common denominator. Today my life is filled with love, laughter, but not without pain, growth, and learning from my mistakes.  I get to help others in recovery and have a front-row seat to the miracle of watching people get sober and stay. I have a wonderful relationship with my family and friends, and especially a God of my understanding.  I love living this way.  I am finally becoming the woman that God created me to be. Come join us . . . 

S3:E41 – A Chat with “Brooklyn Dawn” – Wash! Rinse! Repeat!

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