S2:E18 – Alexis Corey

Alexis O’Neal Corey


Music has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. I recall escaping into my own imaginary world filled with fantasy, love, amusement, joy and passion. I remember when all the dreams I had were so close I could almost touch them. I tasted music. I breathed music. I loved the art and I loved the craft. It brought me to places people couldn’t bring me to. It allowed me to escape the circumstances of my home life, bullying, pain from my molestation and from growing up in a dysfunctional home.

It gave me the ability to cope with the emotions and fears that would come up. It was a source of bliss. Music was a place where I felt whole, free, alive and empowered. It was a place where I could imagine all of the goodness, opportunity and abundance in this world. I felt connected to the world and the people in it. Music healed me.

I sang music professionally as a child and at every event I possibly could in school, church and where ever anyone would listen. However, I remember at a young age I was then told that my dream was impossible. It was not a stable and secure way of life and that I would fail. Life became very bleak without music. The songs, the creation and the love which once filled my heart, I was no longer able to communicate. I turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with life at a very young age which led to my most certain demise and much demoralization. I was unable to see reality anymore and I certainly was not concerned with creation by any means. My life slowly began to fall apart, my dreams slowly faded and my soul was eventually taken. I had no ability to create, to love, or to be. I never had any freedom at all, in fact. I was a prisoner in my own mind and could not escape even with my best laid plans. It took me years to find out that I was in fact capable of not only getting sober and living a spiritual life, but creating music that touches people’s souls and lives.

My music is woven through with my pain, experience and all of the various feelings on the spectrum of emotions that a human being possesses. Sometimes, I am happy. Sometimes I am sad. Sometimes I feel my purpose and calling in this life and sometimes I do not. Some days I feel empowered and some days I feel weak. Some days I feel like my vision is clear and other days it feels so blurry and so distant that I may not even try at all. I want people to connect with their souls through my music. I want people to know they are not alone. I want human beings to connect to each other across all different genders, races, sexual preferences, backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and any other imaginary labels we as a collective humanity have created.

I want my following to identify with love, kindness, peace, wisdom, authenticity, grace and the Divine. I want people to feel just a little more hopeful, just a little more loving, just a little more care-free, just a little more human, just a little more compassionate, just a little more empowered, and just a little more comfortable in expressing every single part of them after they have listened to and experienced my music. WE are all having the same human experience…The question is… Why don’t we just have it all together as One?

S2:E18 – a Chat with Alexis Corey on Alcoholism, Addiction, and Recovery: Choosing Life through Practices of Self-Love, Spirituality, Meditation, Writing, and Creating Music

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