S1:E14 – Neith Phoenix

Neith Phoenix


I’ve often been referred to as a Metaphysician – a philosopher whose area of study is the fundamental nature of reality and existence itself – beyond the physical realm, into the spiritual. I graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in psychology and hold a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. As an alcohol and substance abuse counselor, NYS licensed mental health professional, and a Certified Trauma Professional I’ve developed and implemented several healing protocols within our community and continue to assist others in their healing.

Formally studying with a structured curriculum, I became an ordained interfaith minister at the beginning of 2015 and have found my spiritual journey and experience invaluable in my both my professional practice and sobriety.

Sober since mid-2004, my path has scraped rock bottom not only leading me into recovery, but several times in my sober rebirth. Growing up in a home of untreated mental illness, addiction, and abuse, left me scarred and torn. Getting the foundation of a couple of years of sobriety allowed me to venture into the realm of deep professional help and healing. Outside help, for outside issues … specialized programs for survivors of incest and severe trauma.

About year five, I was diagnosed with a stigmatizing mental disorder that rocked my world, but at the same time it now gave me hope. Just like when I accepted that I was an alcoholic, when I accepted this diagnosis I was able to seek and find the help that was so greatly needed. Through all those years of active addiction, I realized I was trying to mask the pain and blind the memories that seared my mind and soul.

Coming into recovery with a formal 8th grade education, having survived on the streets through the years, two broken marriages and many hearts broken and taken for granted, I am grateful to say that there is hope. There is always possibility as long as there is breath. If right now you can’t hold the hope, allow me to hold it for you.

S1:E14 – Neith Phoenix, Recovery from Surviving on the Streets to Life in the Present, Living as a Spiritual Warrior