IMG_6288Rob, “Robbie”, was born on August 18, 1984, in Brooklyn, NY. He was raised in Staten Island, NY, by his mother and grandparents, after his parents divorced when he was 5.

His father’s alcoholism would affect him from a very young age, followed by a malignant bone tumor diagnosis in his right leg at the age of 8.

Over a decade of almost annual surgeries would follow this diagnosis, during which time, Rob discovered the escapism in drugs and alcohol. It would work for him for years, until it didn’t anymore, as all alcoholics and addicts come to discover on their own time.


He attempted rehabs, detoxes, therapy, philosophy, and found failure at every turn. The strange odyssey with his leg cancer would end in 2006, with  his decision to have his right leg amputated below the knee. This, of course, only expedited his addiction and severe depression.

He finally made one last desperate attempt at detox in August of 2010.

He found freedom at long last in a 12-step program, and has been sober since August 18, 2010, which was also his 26th birthday. When sharing his story, he likes to make it clear that he is speaking for the “desperate, hopeless, suicidal type.” He is now studying to be a nurse, and owes his life to the love of his family and friends, and the 12-step program that saved his life.


S1 – Recovery & Film Chat with Rob – 6/27/18