S1:E12 – Meg

MegMeg was born and raised on the not-so-mean streets of Brooklyn. She has moved around different states and countries over the last decade, and now lives under the palm trees in South Florida.

For most of her adult life Meg worked in academia, and she recently switched paths to an office setting. In a fire, she would save her dog, her husband, and her kindle (in no particular order).

Sobriety has been a beautifully messy journey towards freedom and joy that Meg never thought she’d see. After a few unsuccessful attempts at white-knuckling sobriety on her own, Meg got sober on August 4th, 2018! She has found a program and a recovery community.

Over the last few months, Meg has been learning to harness her wild side while finding absolute joy in living an honest, clean life. Her biggest challenge in early sobriety has been to stop thinking, and stop controlling. Letting go of the reins and relying on other solid women is proving to lead to far better results . . . than doing it alone.

S1:E12 – A Chat with Meg, “from Catholic school to church basements”