How to “Tune In”

If you are unsure how to “tune in” or watch/listen to the show, here are some ways to do so (especially if you want to listen to the show while at work!):


1. “MakerParkRadio” app – (available via App Store), enables you to choose to “audio” listen and/or “video” watch/listen.



2. “Livestream” app – (available via App Store), enables you to directly watch/listen to the live-stream as circulated from the radio station. With livestream, you have the option to “follow” the radio station. In the search bar, type “” to tune in.


3. “Mixlr” app – (available via App Store), allows you to listen directly to the live-stream radio show without having to worry about a video on your cellphone or computer screen. This makes for easy tuning during show hours. In the search bar, type “MakerParkRadio” to tune in at any point during 12-2 PM EST.


4. MakerParkRadio Website – when live-streaming, this website will connect directly to the radio show during show hours, 12-2 PM EST. The live-stream video will appear directly on the homepage.



5. “MakerPark Radio –” Facebook page – by connecting with MakerPark Radio on Facebook during show hours, 12-2 PM EST, or going to the “Voices from Rock Bottom” Facebook page to catch the reshare of the live-stream video. Live-stream video will appear with options to watch/tune in to the stream at present time, write comments, and share on your own personal Facebook page. I also share this link on my own Facebook page for easy access. Feel free to friend me “Danielle M. Bianco-Bacigalupo”!


For any other questions about tuning in or the radio show, please feel free to contact me at