“Finding a Lost Voice”, Jordan Meyers Live-Video Event

IMG_3527For as long as he can remember Jordan Meyers has loved music, and has been closely involved with the industry since his early teens. Since joining his first U.S. tour in 2008 as a merchandise manager and instrument tech, Jordan has been on dozens of tours both nationally and internationally. He has experience in virtually every facet of the lifestyle.

From playing drums and managing “merch,” to operating entire tours and running on-stage audio, Meyers even went on to own his own music venue and booking agency. Like many others before him, the touring lifestyle led Meyers down a path of alcohol and drug addiction that crippled his career in the music industry. However, unlike many others, he sought help.

Now, completely free from drugs and alcohol since May 16, 2014, Meyers has entered a new chapter in his musical life. He is again traveling the country with musicians, where he takes the stage at concerts and festivals to deliver a message of recovery to those suffering from addiction and mental illness. Through his nonprofit Finding a Lost Voice and his employer Banyan Treatment Center, Jordan is now able to give hope to thousands and reconnect with the world of music, which he loves, in an entirely new and positive way.

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