S1:E06 – Brian & Sal


IMG_7640Brian is a 52 year old Staten Island native. He went to Tottenville High School, where he fell in love with playing the drums.


Before becoming a full-time New York City Sanitation worker, Brian worked as a stagehand. After 21 years of service with DSNY, he retired.


Here’s a picture of Brian’s locker from work!

Currently, he works part-time at Lifestyles for the Disabled. Although helping others is a true passion of his, Brian loves spending time with his three kids … and riding his motorcycle on “down time”.

When Brian saw the photo we took for the blog (top), his immediate reaction was, “Riding on the Road to Recovery!”

Below is a picture of Brian, when he was a teenager hanging out on the island.17342762_1471800192838864_5340759214145473664_n


Sal “Cyrus DeVille”

In his own words …


“My Name is Salvatore, and I’m a person in long-term recovery; recovery from drugs and alcohol. Today I’m happy and healthy, living a life I couldn’t have imagined. But, it wasn’t always this way. Recovery is real. I, along with countless others, am living proof.”

Salvatore grew up in Midland Beach, Staten Island. Today, Sal continues to be an advocate for recovery in his own personal way, as well as being a proud father to his new baby son.

When Sal isn’t helping others, you can find him in the ring, as the pro-fighting wrestler named “Cyrus DeVille”.


For more info. on Sal:13668963_1128535763875953_4084778471907232531_n.jpg

Instagram – cyrus_deville

Twitter – @CyrusDeVille89

Lights Out! Exclusive: Cyrus DeVille


Brian and Sal also happen to be very good friends!


S1:E06 – Wrestling with Recovery and “Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”, Chat with Brian and Sal – 9/5/18