“American Idiot”

On Saturday November 3rd, 2018, my community roles as stage manager for Hemlock Theatre, Co.’s 2018 production of American Idiot and radio show host for “Voices from Rock Bottom” aligned for a special live-stream show of VFRB!


Thank you to Jenny Kelly, Marissa Terzino, Hemlock Theatre, Co., and the cast and creative crew from American Idiot for this wonderfully unique collaboration.


A Chat with Hemlock Theatre Co.’s Company of “American Idiot” on Hemlock’s Vision of Community Theatre, Suburbia, and Addiction


Director – Marissa Terzino, @mrisa101

Producer – Jenny Kelly, @justjenny74

Art Curator – Courtney Emerson, @cocoem

Cast members present: Michael Anderson (@michaelrobert_anderson), Alexandra Mazzucchelli (@apmazz), Melanie Randall (fb), Corvyx (@corvyxofficial), Eric Petillo, and Francine Bianco-Bacigalupo (@francine_bianco)


American Idiot was performed at Snug Harbor Music Hall, the second weekend in November 2018, which broke Hemlock’s ticket sales record!