S1:E03 – Ambrose

IMG_6263“Every night when the day is adjourned, pay no mind to your fears and your concerns, the twists and the turns or the bridges you’ve burned. Instead, count your blessings, pay attention to the lessons you’ve learned; if nothing else, be true to yourself, that much you have earned.” – Ambrose

Ambrose was born and raised in New York, during the 90s. The name “Ambrose” was given to him by his Irish-Catholic grandfather, originating from Greece meaning “immortal”. Although unsure why his grandfather began calling him that, he grew up in a Catholic household, and Saint Ambrose was known for composing, acts of generosity, and helping others despite their social class status. The nickname has stayed with him since his childhood.

FullSizeRenderToday, Ambrose is a Buddhist, free-thinker, egalitarian, aspiring poet and writer, lover of music, and a naturalist. He received a Bachelors in Political Science and a Masters in Education.

With 5 years of sobriety to date, he is an active and proud member of a 12-Step program. Ambrose considers himself to be a teacher by trade, but forever, a student of life.

“Voices from Rock Bottom” Buzzsprout Podcast Link — Ep. 3

S1: E03 – Relapse, Recovery, and Paying it Forward Chat with Ambrose – 7/25/18