Season 2: 2019

S2:E15 – 1/9/19 – Francine & Danielle, recovery and relationships 

S2:E16 – 1/23/19 – Mike, moving through atheism and agnosticism in recovery and finding “self” in creating music

S2:E17 – 2/6/19 – Frank the Tank, alcoholism and addiction, military life, and keepin’ it gansta in recovery

S2:E18 – 2/20/19 – Alexis Corey, recovery and what it means to choose “life”

S2:E19 – 3/6/19 – Dennis, sober men in recovery

S2:E20 – 3/20/19 – Matthew, focusing on the journey of recovery, not the destination while also talking about being an independent filmmaker and stand-up comic

S2:E21 – 4/3/19 – author/professor Dr. Elaine Richardson, lifelong recovery – how education saved her life, the power of literacy, and storytelling

S2:E22 – 4/17/19 – KC Makes Music & Jordan Meyers Music, how creating music helped them rise from rock bottom

S2:E23 – 5/1/19 – Mark, recovery from the eyes of a sober person who also works in the community as a recovery professional

S2:E24 – 5/15/19 – Lisa Ciavola, the experience and trauma of losing a child to addiction

S2:E25 – 5/29/19 – Maggie, how learning how to love and celebrate herself has helped others

S2:E26 – 6/12/19 – Jazmin Rivera & Terry Troia, a chat on Staten Island’s coalition to approach substance misuse/abuse from a community wellness perspective

S2:E27 – 6/26/19 – Matthew Logos, Instagram model uses his social media presence to show that he’s an ally to youth addicts in the community

S2:E28 – 7/10/19 – Lynda, “The Mustard Seed”, spirituality and sobriety as a family member of alcoholics and addicts

S2:E29 – 7/24/19 – David, the impact of a drinking problem on a particular culture

S2:E30 – 8/7/19 – Lauren, thoughts on recovery, motherhood, and life as an academic

S2:E31 – 9/4/19 – Ashshahid Muhammad, Graffiti University Comics, from being behind bars to using art to tell stories

S2:E32 – 9/18/19 – John Connolly, LCSW, treating recovery as a social worker

S2:E33 – 10/16/19 – Rob Stroh, @strohleone, shares his life experiences with music, addiction, and spirituality

S2:E34 – 10/30/19 – Tommy & Annemarie, addiction – a family disease 

S2:E35 – 11/27/19 – Andrew Littlefield, “Celebrate Hope”

S2:E36 – 12/11/19 – Faith, being a woman in long-term sobriety