[Recovery] Music as a Social Text*

47400355_1886229811474456_1187630664334180352_o“The” Jerry Farley

Record Producer, Audio Engineer, & Model Citizen.

My buddy, Jerry, came to my ENG 1100c class today to talk about creating and storytelling through music.

As a music producer, he believes that people need to keep telling stories about what actually happened in their lives in order to connect to others. Music will always be the most living, present text for people to identify with.

As humans, connecting to others is one of our fundamental needs … especially for those who are part of the alcoholismaddiction, and recovery story – no matter what side of the narrative you stand on.

Music always tells a story. It helps us access life and past experience in an immediate way. Today, he spoke so candidly about Christina Rubino Music, his experience producing her albums, “Alive from the Scrapheap” and “Godspeed and Guns” with specific mention to the song, “Down to the Sea” (Dusk), and his own personal recovery journey.

Thank you, Jerry – for your passioncreativityvision, and willingness to pay it forward to the future generations. Thank you for always being an advocate for others, and an advocate in the community.

For more info: www.thejerryfarley.com
Instagram / Twitter: @thejerryfarley
Live-interview with Jerry Farley & Christina Rubino via “Voices from Rock Bottom”, available on my blog www.voicesfromrockbottom.com or

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